The Importance of Choice

 Bible colleges and seminaries are often very similar, but never alike.  Their curricula may appear to be the same, but their people, their goals, and their perspectives on subject matter can be extremely different.  These internal influences determine the true nature of instruction because they form the school's responses to the external influences of humanism and its constant working to replace the Creator's value system with one of its own design.  Made in the image of God and with a sense of their sovereignty, like Adam the first, all men want to determine "good and evil" for themselves. 

The effects of humanism are subtle and often go unrecognized until they have so pervaded the thinking of the school that only those completely outside the situation can perceive the error.  At this point, the error is self-perpetuating, passing from generation to generation and demanding acceptance by castigating any who call attention to its existence.  Loyalty to the school becomes more important than the school's loyalty to God.  To most, the school has simply "softened" its stand, but in reality, it has moved to a position where the truth of God and His revelation must be denied or re-defined in order to "Biblically justify" the practices and perspectives of the institution.

The danger is great for students who receive their training at such institutions, because a student may graduate with the honors of men, but without an ability to distinguish between "the holy and the profane."  Then, in their future ministry, they continue to mix the things of the world with the things of God, and "the latter end is worse than the first," because, like Saul of Tarsus, they think to do God's work while actually doing the opposite. 

The profound influence which teachers have upon students makes the spiritual character and discernment of instructors a primary factor in choosing a place to study and prepare.  Those who instruct must be, above all, "faithful" men and women who have a personal walk of faith in accord with the design of God and who are "able to teach others also." That is, they must be gifted by God to communicate Christ and the things of Christ.  Ability to teach is not, therefore, a matter of having been taught how to do so; it is a matter of the design of God.  

Our faculty recognizes the primacy of God's design over any device of any created being.  The principles and precepts of Scripture are, then, the foundation upon which all of human existence is established.  Accordingly, TBBCS is committed to providing men and women with extensive Bible knowledge gained by intensive study of the Word of God.  We seek to develop in each student a facility with the tools necessary for accurate interpretation and application of the Word of God wherever and however the LORD would have each to serve Him. 

Though we are not large and do not offer the extracurricular activities available at larger schools, our size affords more individualized contact with our students.  We do not presume to be the only school you should consider, nor the best, but if the LORD should lead you to TBBCS, you may rest assured that we will work to provide you with a level and intensity of Biblical education that is second to none.  We want you to choose the place of the LORD's choosing.  If we can help you discern His will in the matter, please contact us.  May the LORD, the God-Who-Is, guide you in your choice! 

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