Students who have attended another college or seminary or who have received college-level credits from other schools may apply for admission to TBBCS.  Such students are regarded as transfer students and follow the same basic procedures as those for new students (see Prospective Students). 

Transfer students who wish to apply credits from other institutions to fulfill TBBCS requirements must contact those institutions and request that an official transcript be sent directly to TBBCS.  Copies of transcripts not received directly from other institutions are not acceptable.

Upon receipt of all appropriate transcripts, the Administration will evaluate the credits on a course-by-course basis and will determine which are potentially transferable.  For College credit, those courses that are deemed essentially equivalent and for which the student received a grade of C or above will be considered for transfer.  Applicants to the Seminary may request the transfer of a maximum of fifteen (15) semester hours of graduate credits wherein the applicant received a minimum grade of B.  No transfer, however, will be considered complete until the student has satisfactorily completed a full semester of work at TBBCS.  To be considered for graduation, transfer students usually must complete one full year of work at TBBCS. 

Online Application

 To acquire an online application form, click on the button below and fill out the resulting form.  This form will cause an application  to be sent to your email address.